Redeem Uploaded coupon and get free cloud storage is a cloud storage provider from Switzerland. You can create a trial account with a coupon code and test the premium service for free for a limited time. is interesting for people and companies that need to send large amounts of data like files and directories over the Internet on a daily basis. If you frequently have to send large print jobs to printers, you have probably already noticed that many printers only accept limited-sized e-mails in their inboxes. Your email will not be delivered if the attachment is too large.

ProviderDurationVaild untilDescriptionLink
Uploaded.net48 hoursunlimitedDownload without waiting
Uploaded.to1 monthunlimited Direct, ad-free download start without waiting time and all Premium Account functions free for 1 month
Uploaded3 monthunlimitedAll Premium Account functions free of charge for 3 months Main page
Redeem our coupon code

At you can save PDF files, photos, videos or entire directories in Rar or Zip format in the cloud. In this case, you only need to send the print shop a download link via e-mail and your print job can be executed. The service is also ideal if you already want to send photos or videos from your actioncam to your colleagues at home from your vacation. Longer videos with good quality are often very large and consume an enormous amount of memory on your computer. Simply store these files in the cloud and create space on your own computer again. Uploaded’s coupon code allows you to try out the storage and if you like it, opt for a longer term account.

Uploaded experience just great

I have been using Uploaded’s cloud service for many months. My files are stored securely and I can manage everything very easily from my computer. The interface and menu navigation are very simple and easy to understand even for beginners in cloud computing. I also started with a trial account with an Uploaded coupon code or voucher. Just a few days later I renewed my account. I have been with Uploaded for several months now and am very satisfied. The files are all stored securely and can be accessed from any location even after many days.

It is very easy to upload any files on

I often use the service when I want to share videos from my action camera with friends. Otherwise, you can only share these movies via SD card. Since I simply save the movies on Uploaded, friends can download them directly to their computer and watch them at home. A very good service, so I do not have to wait until I meet the colleague next time to tell him about a great experience.

Tip: With every purchase of a premium account you will receive a free Uploaded coupon. Simply give the coupon to a friend. payment methods

Uploaded offers other options to create an account besides the coupon. There are different durations with 48 hours, 1,3,6 months or 1 or 2 years. The cheapest account for 48 hours starts at 4.99€. The 2 year account is also recommended. However, before you open an account with a long term, you should already familiarize yourself with the service and open an account with a voucher or uploaded coupon. So you can test all the benefits for free and convince yourself relaxed. If you want to open a paid account now, there are different payment methods available. You can pay for your account with credit cards such as Mastercard, Visa or American Express. If you prefer to keep your credit card number secret, you can switch to Google Wallet, Paysafecard or Bitcoins. Paying with your cell phone is particularly elegant. You can pay by Pay per SMS or Pay per Call. Likewise, you can also choose instant bank transfer, direct debit or prepayment. Uploaded has a handsome selection of payment methods in addition to the coupon. Unfortunately, Paypal is missing from the selection. In the future, the selection could be expanded, as Paypal is very widespread and is especially popular for payment transactions on the Internet.

There are a lot of payment methods like paysafecard or bitcoin Security of your data 1++

Your data is stored securely with Uploaded. Encrypt archives and directories to protect them from unauthorized access. Your files are securely hosted on a server in Switzerland and are only accessible to you and people with the download link. Your data is backed up for an unlimited period of time with a premium account. Simply make an encrypted backup of your important data and store it reliably in the cloud. There is a wide choice in encryption software like TrueCrypt or VeraCrypt. Use these options when you upload sensitive data to a third-party server. This way you prevent unauthorized access to sensitive data.

Easy synchronization with uDrive Client

For some time now has been offering a client so that you can manage your personal files conveniently on your own computer. Simply install uDrive on your Windows PC or Mac. You can upload files with a maximum size of 2GB directly through the client to the server. However, this feature is only included in accounts with a term of more than 6 months. If you have a lot of files to manage, going direct for 6 months could be well worth it. The uDrive user interface is kept very simple and is quick to understand. In my opinion, uDrive is easier to use than an FTP client. If you have open questions about service, the support can also help you quickly. Uploaded is an international player and offers support in many languages.

Start now in the simple world of cloud providers and test the services with a coupon from Feel free to check out other file hosting providers like Rapidgator or Nitroflare.

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