Make a web hosting price comparison if you are looking for a web host. Since there are almost countless providers who would like to make your website available on the Internet, you should compare web hosting prices and services before deciding on a provider. At Cloudzer you can find and compare web hosts selected by us. Read our hosting reviews and find out about other customers’ experiences with each hoster. If you are already a customer of one of the featured hosters, we would be happy to receive your independent review. Web hosting is a complex product. Depending on the purpose and content of your website, not only the price plays a role, but also the technical configuration of the server and the support. For example, if you want to install a content management system (CMS) on the web space you often need a database and support for PHP. Depending on the project, it is also useful if other programming languages such as Python or Perl are supported. For a search engine friendly design of the website the Uniform Resource Locator (URL) should be changeable. For this purpose, the web host you have chosen must offer the mod_rewrite module. Depending on the CMS, the “Safe Mode” must also be changed.

Mail hosting

If you also want to use a new email address with your new URL at your new web host, you should compare the configuration for mail hosting. Especially important are data like number of email addresses or mailboxes. It also makes a difference whether the web host only offers POP3 or also IMAP to retrieve the emails with your computer or smartphone. It is also interesting to specify whether the transmission to your client can be encrypted. Do not choose an mutated vowel domain for your email address. There are some mail servers that have problems with sending or receiving mutated vowel domains, so you should refrain from registering an mutated vowel domain with mail hosting.

Web Hosting Comparison for WordPress

If you want to run WordPress at your web hoster there are also some things to consider. WordPress is a slim CMS and requires only few resources. Depending on the installed plugins, you will quickly reach the limit of the booked hosting package with particularly cheap web hosts. When comparing WordPress web hosts, make sure that you are provided with a “memory limit” of at least 32MB, the higher the better. However, from our experience, we would rather recommend 64MB. If you like to upload videos or images or other files to your web space, ask your future web host about the set “Upload Max File Size”. Of course, your hoster should also provide the module “Mod_Rewrite”. Interesting is also the setting of “Post Max Size” With many hosters this is also set to 8MB. For WordPress this is usually sufficient, but should you use another CMS, inform yourself exactly about the technical features and requirements. Your web hoster should also install new PHP updates and let you decide which version to use. Currently PHP 5 is used by most web hosting providers. Make hoster also offers you the possibility to use an older version. Compare the web hosts before you decide. You can find the exact requirements for WordPress here. They require PHP, a MySQL 5 database and a server.

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