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Get a Filer account now with a duration of up to 30 days. All you have to do is sign up for a 365-day Filer.net subscription and you will receive a free coupon code that you can give to your friends and family. Filer.net is a cloud storage provider that has been established on the market for many years and knows its business. At Filer you can store files up to a size of 500MB per file. Thus, you can also secure extensive private videos and even a small backup of your important data in the cloud.

Use a Filer.net coupon or vouchernow
ProviderValid untilDurationDescriptionLink
Filer.net14 days2 daysPremium Account
Filer14 days14 daysDownload without waiting
Filer.net14 days1 monthBandwidth without limit

The service of Filer is also ideal if you often want to send large amounts of files by email and share the last vacation photos with friends without publishing them in a social network. Pack all files into a rar or zip archive and upload the packed file to the server of Filer.net. You can send the link to your friends and relatives by adding a link to each file. Your colleagues can then download the archive from the Internet and open it.

Filer.net experience particularly positive

We from Cloudzer.de have tested the cloud hoster and were surprised by the good availability and the fast download speed. Without an account, you can download files at up to 400kb/s. By purchasing a premium account, you can multiply this speed. Likewise, as a premium customer, you get the option of up to 10 downloads in parallel. Experience shows that many people first test the free services and then decide to purchase a premium account.

Secure download and upload at Filer.net

If you have a Filer.net coupon or voucher, you can also try the premium features for free for a limited time. Just ask your friends if they already have experience with Filer.net and can offer you a coupon. When you buy or upgrade your free account, you will receive a coupon code for 2 days if your account is valid for 30 days. With a 90 day term, you can even host and download data at Filer for up to 14 days, with a coupon. The absolute hammer coupon you get at 365 days runtime. At 365 days runtime you can even test all premium features for 30 days with the promotional code.

Tip: With every purchase of a premium account you will receive a free Filer.net coupon. Just give the coupon code to a friend.

Secure service at Filer.net

Filer.net’s service is particularly secure and offers high availability. During our testing period, we did not experience any failures and all data arrived safely on our computer. We checked the MD5 sum on each file and found no discrepancies. Likewise, Filer promises your anonymity when saving the data. However, we could not find any critical clues regarding the storage of your data or any deletion of the files. Therefore, we assume that your data is stored securely. We have saved files for about 30 days and could still retrieve them from Filer.

Filer.net premium package overview

You can choose from many payment methods at Filer.net

You can choose your upgrade or different payment methods when you open a premium account. Similar to Uploaded.net you can conveniently pay via smartphone. For this, you can simply call a phone number defined in the payment process or enter your own mobile number during the payment process and then receive an SMS with a code you need to enter. Within a few seconds after making the payment, all the features at Filer.net will be available to you. Another popular method is payment by bank transfer. You can use the service of Sofortüberweisung.de for this or you make a transfer via online banking. If you use the service provider Sofortüberweisung.de you can also use all premium services directly after confirming your payment. With online banking it takes a few days until you can use Filer.net completely. Credit card payment is also popular. Probably the most common way to pay at Filer.net is by Paysafe card. You can get the Paysafe card at many gas stations or at a local shop. Similar to a voucher from Amazon, the card contains a string of characters that you have to enter during the payment process. You can then use the functions similar to a payment by phone. You can also try out the new type of cryptocoins.

Filer.net supports NAS systems

Filer.net also offers you a host file so that you can use the services together with your Synology Network Attached Storage. Your data is automatically synchronized and can be downloaded from anywhere in the world. This special service is particularly suitable if you want to outsource a wide variety of data to the cloud very frequently. You don’t have to log in to the website for each transfer, but the upload is completely automated. A NAS is particularly suitable for business applications for small and medium-sized companies. Get started now and test Filer.net with a coupon code or voucher.

In many cases, it is also worth installing so-called download clients. If you often need to download data of your business partners from different cloud service providers, we recommend the use of Pyload or Jdownloader. Simply enter your access data in the download client and you can monitor all transfers. A download client is also ideal if sometimes the transfer breaks off and the process has to be restarted. The client starts directly at the point where the transfer broke off. With a transfer via browser, all data must be transferred completely.

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