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Buy a cheap Premium account now. Filer is a cloud storage solution that is especially geared towards the needs of home users. However, Filer is just as attractive for small and medium-sized businesses due to its low prices. Click here to go directly to

With Filer, you can book the premium functions for a specific term. The contract does not renew automatically and must be renewed by you. If you do not renew, your account will continue to exist, but in this case it will only have a limited range of functions.

Filer Premium package overview

You have the choice between a duration of 2 days up to 365 days. We at recommend testing the service first and comparing your needs with Filer’s services. If you are satisfied, you can go directly to the 365 days access. Compared to other cloud providers such as Uploaded for example, Filer is particularly inexpensive. If you are still unsure, you can also test the services beforehand with a Filer voucher. Get started now and store your data in the cloud

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