Uploaded 48 hours Premium Account

If you choose Uploaded.net and buy a package with a duration of at least 1 month, you will receive an Uploaded voucher with which you can open another premium account. The voucher is valid for 14 days and guarantees you a premium account with a duration of 48 hours. After that the account will be downgraded to the free services again.

ProviderDurationVaild untilDescriptionLink
Uploaded.net48 hoursunlimitedDownload without waiting
Uploaded.to1 monthunlimited Direct, ad-free download start without waiting time and all Premium Account functions free for 1 month
Uploaded3 monthunlimitedAll Premium Account functions free of charge for 3 months
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Use our voucher to get free access to uploaded.net

You can simply give the voucher to your friends to exchange large amounts of files at short notice. This is especially worthwhile for videos and image directories. Store your self-made actioncam videos at Uploaded and show them to your friends. Use the service of Uploaded.net and save your data in the cloud. You will be amazed how easy it is to use this service. Get started today.

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