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Nitroflare.com has worked its way to the top of the cloud hosting services with international service and very secure file transfer. If you don’t want to miss out on a fast cloud service in the future, you should try Nitroflare. You can test the provider with the current coupons. You get access to a damn fast file upload and data download. The speed makes it super easy to share large files with your friends. For example, if you’re an agency and want to share large advertising clips with your clients and the videos blow up every email inbox, Nitroflare is worth a look.

You can create a premium account via "Buy Premium".
You can create a premium account via “Buy Premium”.

A thoroughly positive experience with nitroflare.com

We tested the service from Nitroflare with a coupon. The availability was really good. Even when we used different VPNs, Nitroflare scored with high upload and download speeds. In order to be able to upload files, an account is required. The free account offers you a size of up to 10 GB per file. However, the free account does not offer all functions. That’s why we did our test with a premium account. The advantages of the premium functions, which you can activate with a coupon, are as follows:

  • No ticket waiting time at all.
  • A truly unlimited upload speed.
  • You can watch video files directly in the browser.
  • You don’t have to worry about annoying advertisements.
  • You can download several files at the same time.
  • Once stopped, downloads can be restarted at a later time.
  • If you use a Nitroflare coupon code, your account is free for a certain period of time.
  • Nitroflare is secure and offers you a high level of protection for your files.

How to open a premium account at nitroflare.com

You can easily create your account by choosing a term on nitroflare.net/payment and then clicking on one of the indicated payment methods. Nitroflare offers you many payment methods. You can pay via credit card and Paypal in USD and EUR. You can also use amazonpay and Alipay. You can also use more exotic payment methods such as Webmoney or Bitcoins. In some countries, you can also pay via Sofort├╝berweisung, Trustpay, dotpay or direct debit. Once you have chosen a payment method, you need a maximum of 5 minutes to create an account. You create the account with your active email address and a made-up password. Remember to choose a secure password for your Nitroflare account. Nitroflare.com does not offer the possibility to create a premium account via Paysafecard.

All payment methods of Nitroflare – Unfortunately without Paysafe.

Avoid waiting time with Nitroflare Coupon

Without a Nitroflare Premium Account, you have to wait a long time for each file download. If you want to download a lot of files, it can take several hours until all files have been activated for download. That’s why it makes sense to create a free premium account with our Nitroflare coupon. Just use our code when you create your account. Only with a Premium Account will you have access to a “Premium Download”. You can reduce your waiting time to a minimum. There is no ticket-waiting and no advertising in very annoying pop-up windows. If your download is interrupted, the process is resumed and does not have to be started from the beginning. Depending on the file size, you save transfer volume.

All the advantages of NitroFlare Premium at a glance.

Nitroflare is compatible with JDownloader

You can use Nitroflare professionally with JDownloader. JDownloader is a download manager with which you can manage all your files hosted at Nitroflare.net. With JDownloader you can control all downloads and uploads. To use Nitroflare at maximum speed, you should limit the number of simultaneous downloads. You can also manage your uploads and move files from one host to another. With JDownloader you can also share your files with other hosts like Rapidgator.net, uploaded.to, ddownload.com. or Filer.net Use a professional tool to simplify your file management.

Watch videos directly in your browser – Nitroflare Stream

With a premium account at Nitroflare, you don’t have to download video files before you can watch the video. Similar to Netflix, you can stream the video directly in your browser. This means that you don’t have to download a large file to your device before watching it. Only the section you are watching is downloaded. Your browser stores these megabytes for a short period of time and automatically deletes them when the scene is over. We at cloudzer.de think this is a very big advantage over other filehosters. You can use the Nitroflare Stream function directly with our coupon. Further up in the article, we describe how to create an account.

Our Nitroflare conclusion

The file hoster does not have to hide from other providers. The download speed is enormously high. You can manage your files very easily in the browser and generate download links for your friends or colleagues. Your files are accessible at all times and are stored securely. In our test, we did not notice any fluctuations in availability. The upload and download was very stable at all times. Registration is really easy and completed within a short time. Due to the many payment methods such as amazonpay, Paypal, Bitcoin, etc., there is a premium point from us. The only disadvantage compared to other providers is the availability of Paysafecard as a payment method. Paysafe is unfortunately not supported at the moment. However, simply test the service with a coupon code from nitroflare.net and create an account. In our test, the availability of multihosters was not examined. However, we have found that your speeds are higher if you create an account directly with a cloud hosting provider and do not use a multihoster.

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